Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Voglio una donna!"

I got the idea for this poe-tree a while ago. Maybe over a year ago...from a Fellini movie titled "Amarcord" .

"Voglio una donna!"

At last, relief
from the burning sands turned glass beneath our feet

Weary, we shout from the treetops our undying heartache

Climbing ever higher

Guided by the gentle sound of thumping

Of lub dub

Lub dub


The occasional squish,
between finger tips

Eternally diverged in a yellow wood

Out on a limb to reach beyond the shoulders of giants
and their wildly flailing appendages

To pluck us as if grapes,
clung as if sloths

Barring entry into your Kingdom


Leap over

The moon

Bathing the bones of those who came before
in such ominous glow

To give voice to warnings from far down below

We leap, leap over the moon

With blind ears and deaf eyes

To reclaim what was stolen
when all was still in the House of Sleep

Restless now

Up in arms

The audacity…

Mistress of Seven Bells
with her hands


Touching nothing…

…yet touching everything.