Tuesday, June 25, 2013


…And I’ve never seen the moon when one is meant to

Never where it’s supposed to be

Always hiding.

Always hiding.

Beneath the darkest clouds,
an unrelenting rain

Neck craned skyward

Like drowned turkeys,
curiously killed

Swallowed up by a great fish

Its reflection plucked from the water

Tasty morsel

The great horned beast


Or something along those lines

Makes me wonder if life’s been imitating…

The home I’ve built for myself

Embraced the forever night

Lore I’ve taken to heart

Drifted apart

Skimmed the edges,
paper cut

Rock denied

Only sky

Feet caught between the cracks
of these here wooden planks

Seamlessly phasing in and out

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mothmen Lantern Bearers

Stands to reason that it‘s never been in season

The Great Snipe Hunt

All starter pistols and pop guns

Salivating blue

Petrified stone

A baffling lack of moss

It’s said that the movies serve the best albatross

Still fresh and warm

Any port will do

Infamous last words

Diving head first into empty swimming pools

‘Necks fit the guillotine perfectly

Allow me to demonstrate…

Houdini like hedonism

Life jacket canoodling

Unripe, al dente at best

Turning tables all the time

The coin that’s landed on its side

Ask again later, he who seeks through the murky water

Hear what you want to hear

See the partial picture

A marriage of thermite and termites

Wax and feathers, far too close to the sun

Bare your gums to fool no one

The difference between ideas and notions, lakes and oceans

Something about salt

The width of mouths

The lengths of certain fingers

Hand size in comparison

Deep like only a pen can cut…

A diet of coffee and cigarettes

And nothing but.

The equivalent of all the king’s men and all of their horses

China in a bull shop

The elephant in the room;

doubled over, multiplied

But that’s neither here nor there

Fig leaf bare

and exposed to the elements

Hammerless ornamental iron

Your war face can only carry you so far

Can fool yourself for only so long

Drinking from a poisoned well

The final straw to push the camel through the needle’s eye

Or something like that

The pale horse whom follows hell and the cart set before it

Trying to connect the dots, but constellations look nothing like their namesake

Passed the point of one foot in the grave ages ago

Now it’s just a matter of laying down

Flowers painted in monotone

Millimeter movements where the worms run things

Rule absolute

No one should have to brave that storm alone

But it’s all we’ve known

Shores littered with broken bottles


Scattered coast to coast, sun bleached bones