Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shaken ‘Leaf

The nature of beasts

Soiled hands and feet

Finger bowls and finely marbled flesh

Cannibals at the first sign of distress

Foam and froth

Wane and flicker

Conceding beneath the weight

Emerging corporeal

Sinewless shadows

Birthed from the pushing of palms

All maw and malice

Like forcing puzzle pieces

Anchors to till the soil as we walk

Counting blessings on severed fingers

Sold it all for bee stings and bean stalks

Glass slippers and swollen toes

A crapshoot with loaded dice

Roulette with a rifle


Bodies to never be explored

Risen up to our ankles

Wet behind the ears

Mint green

The unmistakable smell of fear


Thick enough to cut with a knife

The source of all things

The mother of invention

Drawing hearts in the condensation

Sad, really

Fated to fade and disappear

And they look nothing like that

Don’t know where you got that idea from, kid

Olympus Mons

Never you

Pass on through

And still
Running marathons

Weaving in and out
between the synapses like traffic cones

Ostleress of the dark kingdom

The one whom follows hell

Leaky faucets are easily overlooked,
bleeding the last of our water

What’s gone missing

Snared on a loose nail

The sore thumb gets hammered down

Pointless as the whittling of pegs

Unrelenting, cursed vision

The Star Man is burning

Screams, never ending

Breadcrumbs in the land of sparrows

Unraveling with each step

Towards the very eye of the storm

A fourteen mile ascension away from man

Divine iron from Littlest Mother

Warmed and reborn in the wake of its open mouth

To forge a blade

To cut out each and every heart of this wretched worm

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Untitled Quickie

Tongue in cheek,
Birdless beak
Dip your toes, then run for the hills
Sometimes the quickest ‘coasters
are the cheapest thrills
Bluest pills
The trick is
to choose the hand that grips more tightly
Ever so slightly
Watch the sweat bead down
each of the fat man’s chins
Black toothed grins
Pray that the Cheshire Cat
never truly makes sense
Weeping rivers for a mouth
chapped shut in a frozen frown
So fell the strongest of us
The wisest
The greatest
Trident to chest
Brick by brick
Shrug it off
A service of swollen lips
Lemon juice and salted rims
Another one down
in a war
we can not possibly win