Wednesday, April 4, 2012


And I will avenge

And I will avenge

All of our fallen limbs

But to what end?

Oh, I would gladly dig two graves

Give each and every eye 'til the world has gone blind

Darling, darling

Can't you see you're trespassing?

With all your vibrating vectors

You pass unhindered through each sector

Stepping on toes wherever you may go

And us?

Forever on stilts and eggshells

Forced from our homes

Forced to dwell...

Beyond your reach

In caves, under rocks

A diet of crow and cake

Egg on our face

Like scurrying millipedes

from your artificial light

But, my dear

You've greatly underestimated

The resilience of our tongues

We've grown accustomed to...

Grown a taste for...

The wounds that we lick

To piss and vinegar

and a mouthful of blood with each sip

We've become that which feeds on that which feeds on

For, ever stronger are the bones that have broken and calcified

A prison break from 'neath your ribcage

Crawling through your spray-painted city of worms

Oh, Pyrite Priestess to ferry us into the fire...

Won't you let me show you how to dance between the rain drops?

Your wrath.

Your rage.

It is WAR, we wage

With your head upon this pike

to forever proclaim

That our hearts are at long last free

To ride the Eastward winds

Wherever their true homes should lie...